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“I often feel that my students do not get enough credit for the long, difficult hours of training that they commit to regularly.  This page is simply a "shout out" to those who put some goals out there -  and then went out and got it done.  Many of my students are fine with spending hours learning and enjoying their horses, while others really want to prove themselves in the show ring.  Any journey spent with our equine partners is admirable.  Any goal is worthwhile. Cheers to those who have accomplished some of those goals and also to those who yet have goals to meet! I am humbled by you all - Jodi"
Ashley Guinn
  • 2019  USDF Bronze Medal
  • 2019  National Dressage Pony Cup Champion at GHF
  • 2019   Pony High Point Award at GHF
  • 2019 Placed in top spots nationally for both 3rd and 4th level in NDPC 
  • Half way to Silver Medal in 2019
Pat Fici
  • 2019 SCDCTA Reserve Champion Amateur at PSG
  • 2019  SCDCTA Golden Oldie Award
  • 2019  USDF Silver Medal Award
Pippa Moon
  • 2019  USDF Bronze Medal Award
  • Half of scores towards Silver Medal
Kylie Dickenson
  • 2018  USDF Silver Medal Award
  • 2018  Region 3 YR Reserve Champion 
  • 2018 Region 3 Championships - 4th place at PSG 
  • 2015 USDF Bronze Medal Award
Annette Reals
Multiple Blue ribbon wins at recognized Horse Trials and in the top 9 out of 55 in the American Eventing Championship!
Amy Jo Guinn
  • 2019  Adult Amateur High Point at GHF with 73%
  • Working on Bronze Medal - Has First level score
Morgan Conrad Batton
  • 2019  USDF Bronze Medal Award with Toby the Coal Man
  • 2019  multiple scores over 70% on Shtar at 2nd level
Hannah Nagel
  • 2019  Swedish Warmblood Association of North America Prix St. Georges. JR/YR Champion -Lenox 
  • 2019 Swedish Warmblood Association of North America Prix. St. Georges Open Reserve Champion -Lenox
  • 2018 and 2019 High Score Rise ‘n Shine dressage show JR/YR -Lenox 
  • 2018 Adequan/USDF year end awards 4th level JR/YR 10th in the nation -Lenox 
  • 2018 GAIG Region 3 4th level Champion JR/YR -Lenox 
  • 2018 SCDCTA 4th level Champion JR/YR -Lenox 
  • 2018 SCDCTA Gold Medal -Lenox 
  • 2018 Swedish Warmblood Association of North America 4th level JR/YR Champion -Lenox 
  • 2018 USDF Silver Medal -Lenox 
  • 2017 GAIG Region 1  3rd level JR/YR Champion -Lenox
  • 2017 GDCTA 3rd level JR/YR Champion - Lenox 
  • 2017 SCDCTA 3rd level JR/YR Champion -Lenox 
  • 2017 Swedish Warmblood Association of North America 3rd level JR/YR Champion -Lenox
  • 2017 USDF Bronze Medal -Lenox 
  • 2015 SCDTCA  1st level JR/YR Champion - Caesar 
  • 2015 SCDTCA  2nd level JR/YR Reserve Champion -Caesar 
  • 2015 SCDTCA Silver Medal -Caesar 
Deana Gilliam
  • 2020 USDF Bronze Medal Award